Design: Physical Limitations Home

Our goal is to assist you, in case you are affected by physical limitations, to live in a comfortable, functional and beautiful home.… with plenty of room to move through your new home. Designed up front with 32 inch wide door opening and 36 inch hall ways makes this home even more desirable.

We also take into consideration the kitchen. The sink and electrical range need a clear floor area and the correct counter top height to allow a wheelchair user to roll-up and use the kitchen with ease. Another accessibility option is to install multi-level countertops with one level at a height for seated people and another for those that are standing. The kitchen appliance industry now offers more accessible design options .Since wheelchair users might not be able to reach the top freezer; a side-by-side refrigerator is a better option. Ranges with front controls can be helpful. Finally, a raised dishwasher can reduce bending when loading the dishes.

Designing a functional bathroom is of utmost importance to set the water heater at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.8 degrees Celsius) to avoid scalding. When choosing the type of faucet, think about lever-operated, push-type or electronically controlled options. To add stability we install “grab bars” in both the bathing area and near the toilet. Grab bars are recommended to be able to withstand 250 lbs (approximately 113 Kg) of stress and force which means we reinforce the walls. Along with grab bars, a taller toilet would be installed to make it easier for those with limited mobility and we leave enough room around the toilet and sink for easy wheelchair movement. In order to be able to use a sink properly, a wheelchair user needs to have a minimum 36 inches by 48 inches of clear floor area.

When it comes to the yard, each individual will have different needs and wants and there are many ways to make your yard more user-friendly. Adding paths always makes a yard more accessible. Adding raised flower beds along with hanging plants are other options. In addition we take in to consideration that creating a surface that's firm and level to create a smooth pass for a wheelchair is very important and for the individual with a walker as well. By making edges along the paths it will help keep people on them and plant life off them.

Without a doubt there are many ways we can assistant you to feel safe and totally functional in your new home.

Layout Plan